Understanding Rug Materials: A Guide to Types, Properties, and Benefits

When you're shopping for a new rug, the design, colour, and size might catch your eye first. But aside from the surface level aesthetics, the material of the rug plays a pivotal role in its function, feel, and longevity.

By understanding the properties and benefits of each material, you can choose a rug that not only enhances your decor but also meets the functional needs of the space.

Keep reading for a quick guide to understanding the most common rug materials and their benefits.



Wool: The Gold Standard

Properties: Naturally resilient to dirt and liquid, wool rugs have a soft and luxurious feel. They are fire-resistant and have great insulation properties.

Benefits: Ideal for high-traffic areas, wool rugs offer longevity and a rich texture that can stand the test of time.


Cotton: The Easy Choice

Properties: Lightweight and soft, cotton rugs are often used for flatweave designs. They're less plush than wool but offer a casual, comfortable vibe.

Benefits: Typically more affordable than wool, they are easy to clean and perfect for kids' rooms or kitchens.


Silk & Viscose: The Luxe Factor

Properties: Known for their lustrous sheen, these materials offer a soft, plush feel underfoot. However, they are more delicate.

Benefits: Perfect for low-traffic areas like bedrooms, they elevate the space with their luxurious look and feel.


Synthetics (Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester): The Durable Stars

Properties: Resistant to staining and fading, synthetic rugs hold their colour and shape for years. They are also often used in machine-made rugs.

Benefits: Ideal for outdoor use or high-traffic indoor spaces, they offer affordability and durability.


Jute & Sisal: The Natural Wonders

Properties: These are rougher, natural fibres that provide a unique, organic touch to spaces.

Benefits: Environmentally friendly and perfect for those who love a rustic, natural aesthetic.


The perfect rug for your space goes beyond just design and colour. Whether you're after the luxury of silk or the durability of synthetics, we have a rug for every home, every style, and every taste.